Tillbaka till My studio’s


Over 2000 watts of power is at my disposal in the smallest room in the house. It looks ridiculous from the door-opening – but when the Behringer 18″inch subwoofer reaches its operating sweetspot while the Cameo MultiFX bar covers the room in vibrant, moving colours – it feels & sounds like mini-nightclub.

The DJ studio is an ancient dream that finally came true in late 2018.
-I’ll publish a write-up of the many ”How’s & what’s” that goes into the configuration & purposes of a rig like this.

When everything is done in this section, a lot of valuable information will be available for anyone, from the curious soul, to the Beginner-DJ all the way to the pro-DJ – and everyone in between 🙂
And of course, anyone interested in booking/hiring me for a gig will see that I mean business, so to speak 😉 😉

-All manufacturer part-numbers will be provided in the future; this will ensure that you find the right thing as conveniently as possible! Gear4music, I like you a lot, but I kindly would like to point out that your cable-search-filter has room for improvement 😉 )

Behringer Eurolive B207 MP3
Behringer Eurolive B112D
Behringer Eurolive B112MP3
Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D subwoofer

2 K&M 21449 Speaker Stands
1 K&M 24625 Lighting Stand
1 K&M 27105 Microphone Stand
(This sounds weird but it’s true: It acts as a speakerstand for the B207 MP3; It only accept mic-stands! You’ll need to fabricate an adaptor for standard-stand-diameter –if you need/wish to use a stand with standard diameter, like the speaker-stands listed above!)

Cameo Multi FX lightbar
Traktor Kontrol S4 MK1
Sennheiser HD 25 2 Headphones
A Toshiba-laptop from early 2014 with an i7 processor
Vonyx Mobile DJ stand (Gear4music doesn’t sell this one, but it’s a good product! 🙂


2x Roland 1/4-inch TRS – XLR Audio cable 10ft / 3m
1x Roland Dual TRS – RCA Audio cable 3ft / 1m
2x Hosa YPP-118 Y Cable, 1/4″ TRS to Dual 1/4″ TRSF
2x Gear4music XLR (female) – XLR (male) Pro microphonecable 19,6ft / 6m


Plug description: M = Male, F = Female |
Note the use of single ended & double ended TRS cables + XLR cables:
They are not picking up noise thanks to their ground-connected shield! IMPORTANT!
The Hosa YPP-18 is a Y-cable; You can see it down there on the photo!

An honorable mention goes to Gear4Music


All the speakers, stands, cables, and the Cameo-bar were shopped at Gear4music.
They took great care of me when I needed help, and their well-lubricated logistics-chain made the entire build-process smooth.
The fact that they had almost everything I needed in their shop was the biggest deciding factor to why I chose them in the first place. In particular, I was looking for a complete range of Behringer products in one shop.

Most incredible is that all of this went so smooth & precise despite the fact that I’m living in the middle of the forest, and was shipping&recieving goods from the UK!

This was my most incredible web-shopping experience ever!