About me

This website will serve as the XFAiDER hub, leading you to the many things I have to offer, with ease. 
This website will also be the place where the ”long stories” can be found, for the ones of you that are really curious.
In the modern fast-paced world of social-media, there is hardly any time to read the full story about something.
I know that myself – so that’s why I’ve created this place, for you and me to enjoy in our own pace!

XFAiDER is my name, I’m happy to have you here, visiting my website!

I’m a 29 year old guy living on the Swedish countryside in the county of Dalsland.
For years, I’ve been on a mission; To entertain and make people’s lives better.
Bit by bit, a vision has materialized, and after 10+ years of hard work, joy, pain and tears – in 2018 I was ready to live the dream; creating many different things in the digital world, as a multimedia-producer, in my own studio… well more specifically, in my house!
-That’s the short version. Don’t worry, you’ll get to know more!

More photos will be added!

The cat-helmet: Explained

It has taken me a long long time to figure out how to properly stand out as an artist & creator. It began with the alias XFAiDER in 2011 (after one year of careful consideration), I then chose the colourscheme black & white and stylized the name in 2012 while designing my four-hexagon ”Quadro” logo. Then, it got tough, as I was trying to nail the bigger picture.

For years I was trying to find something that represented me really well, and after a lot of patience and grueling consideration – I decided on my cat-helmet, as it symbolizes many many things.

1: The helmet is a huge deal in modern racing & motorsport. It says a lot about the driver / rider while it’s very common for long-time racing fans & commentators to identify drivers / riders by their helmet on racing-tracks. Things change, but helmets oftenly remains constant.

2: It represents the racing & motoring scene which I’ve always been a part of. I could write a book on this point!

3: My connection to Japanese pop-culture (Games, anime, merchandise) which has always been very close to me! (The helmet-design is clearly inspired by the helmet worn by the female character ”Celty Sturluson” in the Novel & Anime ”Durarara!!” Note! These helmets are not licensed merchandise; It’s an original design! And, Celty’s helmet is yellow!

4: I can’t go any further without mentioning the legendary Daft Punk & Deadmau5, and what impact they’ve had on pop-culture. They’ve inspired me as well, believe me!! (Deadmau5 in particular!)
Sure, Daft Punk were first – but that doesn’t mean that wearing a helmet as an artist is prohibited!
-As long as it’s unique; Do it!! Or: Try a mask!
In recent times, artists like Boris Brejcha, Marshmello, Hozho (and others) has let masks & helmets become a part of their brands. And people love it, including myself of course 🙂
Hozho’s take on this is amazing, and inspired me soo much!:
”My Plague Doctor Mask will always be with me to remind me why I created this project in the first place. The plague was caused by evil spirits, says a theory. To scare the spirits away, the mask was intentionally designed to be creepy. When I perform, I use the mask to scare all the bad energies and problems that people may have, whether on the dance floor or in their lives.”
(Quote from www.hozhomusic.com)
The point I’m trying to make here, is that I’m letting my helmet show respect to the artists that has made the scene what it is today, showing that my ambitions are high, and that I have a much bigger mission than just making great music.

5: Cat spirit, Cat-emojis, Jazzcats, Monstercat & online culture. Not only do I like cats a lot, others do as well – to the point that they’ve become a corner-stone of the online-culture. They’re in memes, videos, photos, drawings – everywhere! I’m even using the cat-emojis as much as I can online! (By the way though, why there aren’t any equivalent dog-emojis is a mystery to me!!)
I also mentioned cat-spirit for a few good reasons: I work in my own house, and just like a domesticated cat, I like my own home the most. Secondly, I have no problems with being up late – and I love working through the morning hours. And I also like to sleep a lot!
There’s a term called ”Jazz Cat” – and while I’m not into Jazz, we’re still talking about music.
And, considering what the EDM scene has become, ”Rave Cat” does generate some hits when searching the web. And then we have the godfather of Rave-cats: The record-label ”Monstercat”! 😀

I might add a few things to this list, but I’m happy for now! 🙂

My site is under continuous construction, it’s far from finished –
When it nears completion, or when major updates are in place – I’ll let you know through social media!

Thank you ever so much once again for your interest and visiting my site, I hope you’ll have a great time taking part of all my content!