Tillbaka till ART&DESIGN

Graphic design

My first steps in graphic design were taken back in 2010, and a lot has happened since then.

In this section, you’ll get to know more about what I’ve done over the years, and what I can do today.

XFAiDER projects

I naturally design anything and everything I need, all by myself!
Everything in the banner is drawn by hand (No vector except the white instagram camera!)
Even the logotypes for the different web-services are hand-drawn + ”XFAiDERized”, because I wanted my own take on them 🙂
Then we have my business-cards that I also designed myself –
And the vest I’ll use when organizing&filming Dalslandpaddeln events.
I’ll post photos of these in a near future 🙂

Then we have all the good design-stuff that I’m slowly cooking in the media-studio 🙂
I can’t reveal it yet – but believe me there’s quite some stuff going on! Just be patient! 🙂 🙂


Dalslandspaddeln is a kayaking series, consisting of 6 racedays in the summer, arranged on different lakes in my area. My family are arranging 4 of these racedays, while the 2 others are arranged by two separate, local kayaking-clubs.

Since 2011, I’ve slowly become ”the guy” taking care of PR & Marketing while being a co-organizer. In 2018, I decided to go hard and take our series to the next level in branding and graphic design. The result was 6 different ”race-profiles” as I call them, where our pariticpants would find everything they would need to know, for each race, in one place.
At the time of writing, this image seen below is not in full-resolution, but I will update it as soon as I can, so that you can enjoy all details!

2018’s race profile for Svärdrännet – race number 3 of the season.
Bilingual, photos, maps, payment info etc – great care was taken to provide the most necessary info & maintain consistency across all 6 race-profiles. All in all, This was a very challenging & exhausting task
– but I loved every second of it!

But that was not all: The mission before the race-profiles was to get the branding right, and so I did; That’s where the stars came into play. A number of ideas and wishes among organizers & participants eventually led to a concept-idea, the stars, then the colours, then the formation. When everything was ready, the previous logo (not designed by me) was replaced.
The reception of the new ”graphic-package” was beyond my most optimistic expectations! 😀
-My media-studio had just delivered its first real products in a remarkably smooth fashion.

The 2019 pre-season banner, found on Facebook! (This seasons’ sponsors are not yet presented)
This year I turned up the graphic-game even more. Simple things, but it does the job!

This section will be developed and expanded in 2019! -This is not even close to the ”final form” 😉
I’ll let you know on social-media when updates are made!
-But! Be sure to check the ”▬ABOUT MY ART & DESIGN” in the meantime, if you haven’t already!