My studio’s


Over 2000 watts of power is at my disposal in the smallest room in the house. It looks ridiculous from the door-opening – but when the Behringer 18″inch subwoofer reaches its operating sweetspot while the Cameo MultiFX bar covers the room in vibrant, moving colours – it feels & sounds like mini-nightclub. The DJ studio more »


The place where the music & digital works are made. It’s a compromise between a music-studio and a media-studio. The real magic comes almost entirely from very advanced software, and my ability to use it all. This is an amazing place to be!

My previous set-ups

I’m incredibly fortunate & thankful for being able to have my studios in my own house. (Just to make it clear; No one gave me anything; – That is, I’ve worked very hard for over 10 years to be in this position!) Now: In this section, I’ll let you know some more about the tools more »