Art & Drawings

First I started with digital art, then came graphic design! It was years ago I published any actual pieces of drawings or art. The reason is that I’ve been prioritizing a whole lot of other things – mostly graphic-design for myself (as XFAiDER) and Dalslandspaddeln. 2018’s update of Dalslandspaddelns ”Graphic-package” eliminated a spring that could more »

Graphic design

My first steps in graphic design were taken back in 2010, and a lot has happened since then. In this section, you’ll get to know more about what I’ve done over the years, and what I can do today. I naturally design anything and everything I need, all by myself!Everything in the banner is drawn more »


My relationship with art today is great, but it has not always been the case! It went from fun, to ”not so fun”, to ”painful” – and then slowly grew from an ”eureka” moment into the huge passion it is today In the beginning, between 1995-1997, I remember having a lot of fun drawing F1 more »