Tillbaka till DJ’ing

How & what I play

This page will be greatly expanded in 2019!
I’ll let you know on social-media when there’s something here to see and read!
I’ll let you know how & where it began, where it has lead me and a lot more

Gotta be honest: A few things you need to know

If there’s anyone out there considering booking me already (which would be very appreciated & flattering!)
Then, there are a few things you need to know first:
In mid-March 2019 I started to update & expand my track-library, mainly because:
1 My track-library in all genres I play must be updated & expanded.
2 My track-library are small in some genres, and bigger in others
3 I’m practicing every weekend, 1 hour at least, in my DJ-Studio, on a 2000W+ system. I do oftenly get closer to 1h45min every weekend since the 6th of January 2019.
Quick mafs: Over 52 sets & 52 hours of playtime every year at the very very minimum!

However: With enough time, I can naturally prepare a genre-specific set! So, don’t be shy! 🙂


”Imagine yourself heari- ” just kidding!

”Could we please have a taste of it?”

Abso-flippin-lutely! I’m currently looking into a way of sharing my mixes with the world -Without getting in trouble with record-labels & rights holders (If licensing wasn’t an issue, I would upload mix+video. And it’d probably been on Dailymotion already + embedded here, somewhere on my website). I also want to point out, that playing in front of a crowd means interacting & show (You’d think this is normal but it is not!) – and I’m working very hard to keep my attention balanced between a crowd and the ”handcrafting” of mixing (Again, not every DJ is mixing live – all the way up to the very top! Yes even THAT top-top!)



All House-genres, all eras. I like bounce, big-room, electrohouse & progressive house the most!
I currently have a healthy amount of electro-house & Bounce tracks from 2011-2013, many of them are hits & legends from the time. I’m also trying to find some great future-house tracks – I love the vibe & basslines when done right!


All Trance-genres, all eras, including Psytrance. (My EDM roots are in trance!)
I have a quite a few harder trance tracks from 2003-2008.


Hardstyle, all eras as long as the sound is true to the genre-defining sounds between 2003-2011. Not sure about rawstyle tho!
Hardstyle seems to have grown a lot since 2013. Back then, I found the genre to have lost its way – but over the last few years – the buzz around the genre has become ever more notable. I have an acceptable amount of tracks made between 2008-2011, many of them are huge classics & hits.


All eras. I have an acceptable amount of NuSkool-breaks made between 2010-2013. The majority of them are big classics by now.


All eras. I have a handful of memorable tracks from 2010-2013 that will get anyone moving!


All eras. Minimal & HighTech minimal is what I currently have the most of (The Boris Brejcha sound) I have about 15 tracks of this kind. Not enough by any means.
I want to expand into underground German-techno – I absolutely love the intensity & atmosphere!


Anything except the super-dark-dystopic-synthwave – not because it’s ”bad”, but it’s just not me 🙂
I need many more Synthwave & subgenre-tracks!


I have yet to explore all aspects of the genre, but I love the sound & vibe of my few current tracks
-I want more!


I like it fast & crazy! I need a lot more tracks though!

-I might’ve forgot something! My taste is very broad!

I’m also looking into;


-As with the Trap movement, this is a big thing. But, I’ll be picky when I choose tracks! As with anything I play; the cleaner & clever, the better. I’m quite sure 90’s HipHop is where I’ll begin! There’s a lot of funky smart music out there to discover!


-This is a rather new thing to me, I don’t have a single Trap-track, yet, the Trap-movement is huge (I realized this quite late, my bad!), and there is some great music out there; I just gotta find it! I quickly started to appreciate the flowing slow-mo nature of the tracks 🙂
Now, If there are any vocals, they better be clean (or as clean as they can be, and at the very least SMART!!)