Tillbaka till DJ’ing

How to DJ-studio

”If you can’t come to the club – The club has to come to you!”

This is just not for the sake of word-play; I’m serious! This is my situation!
-I’m 99% sure I’m one of 2 DJ’s in the bigger area, and the only one producing
-There is technically nowhere to play on a regular-basis (YET?!)
-There is no nightclub in town – at all -, neighbour-town or area(s)
-The closest functioning nightclubs playing EDM are 1h11 min away – 10km / 6,2 miles away!

Fun & usefulness: Club-simulation at home

There are many listening environments, but a club-environment is special in many ways.
And espescially when you are the one behind the controls, and even more special when your own tracks are playing. Not convinced? Here’s what I think: A high-power car-audio-system is an incredible sensation – but the closest you get to dancing in a car is restricted to upper-body-movement. Lots of fun! But not a nightclub!
Aerobics, workout, gym? Pounding beats are doing a great job to keep you moving and pushing.
It can get really nice, hazy & intense. Add some lights to the Aerobics, and it gets even more intense!
But; in all these cases – there’s no DJ. And the listening experience in these fitness-environments are… Let’s say ”OK” in general/at best + a ton of background noise. In lucky cases, there might be some room-treatment to handle the insane reverb that usually plague these facilities. And you went there to work out, primarily, while aiming to have a night out later in the week, at Saturday with your buddies.

Unlike all other situations above, at the club; the DJ’s job is to provide a specific vibe at a specific time. In order to do so, a club needs a beefy audio-system; People want and expect the music to be felt, loud clear and powerful. The right tracks are needed to take advantage of the power available – and the visitors expect a backdrop for their evening. They’re expecting a particular experience that must live up to expectations.
It’s easy to get nervous, but this is what you’re expected to handle and deliver as a DJ (and producer if you play your own tracks!).
And the further you climb the gig-ladder, the fewer mistakes are allowed.

These are some of the many reasons to why I’ve invested in my DJ-Studio

But how did I configure my system?
Is a dedicated DJ-studio something for you or anyone to consider?
Why not just do the DJ’ing on production-grade speakers next to the desk where you make the music, (if you make music already or aim to)?
What’s needed?
-I’ll do a write-up of this in the near future, where I’ll let you know a lot more details on how I did – and by doing so, I hope you’ll be able to make better decisions regardless of your aims & wishes 🙂