Tillbaka till My studio’s

My previous set-ups

I’m incredibly fortunate & thankful for being able to have my studios in my own house.
(Just to make it clear; No one gave me anything; – That is, I’ve worked very hard for over 10 years to be in this position!)
Now: In this section, I’ll let you know some more about the tools behind the magic!

BEDROOM 1: 2005-2014

In 2012 by christmas, it looked like this: I was in my old bedroom in my parents house.
I had a Hifi-amplifier/CD-player as you see to the left of the desk (connected to the computer, of course) 1,5 top-range speakers (One sounded bad when turning it up mildly) and a 12″ monster-woofer in an enclosure I built myself in 2004 (to the right, by the wall, off screen)
Nothing to be ashamed of here; This setup could take you far (but I maxed it out quickly!)
But: No MIDI-keyboard, no Maschine, no speakers for music-production. At this point, I was focusing on getting to grips with my tablet, photoshop & my brand new Traktor MK1.
My first studio-steps were taken back in 2008 as I started to push the technology to the absolute limits. And so, I’ll try to find photos from pre 2012, and at the very least tell you more about these steps! But for now, here’s this!