Tillbaka till ART&DESIGN

Art & Drawings

First I started with digital art, then came graphic design!

It was years ago I published any actual pieces of drawings or art.
The reason is that I’ve been prioritizing a whole lot of other things – mostly graphic-design for myself (as XFAiDER) and Dalslandspaddeln. 2018’s update of Dalslandspaddelns ”Graphic-package” eliminated a spring that could be devoted to drawing cute animals & developing characters.
-But the art will return!

This section will be developed and expanded in 2019! -This is not even close to the ”final form” 😉
I’ll let you know on social-media when updates are made!
-But! Be sure to check the ”▬ABOUT MY ART & DESIGN” in the meantime, if you haven’t already!