Tillbaka till VIDEOS

My videos

This section will be developed and expanded in 2019! -This is not even close to the ”final form”
I’ll let you know on social-media when updates are made!
-But! Be sure to check the ”▬ABOUT MY VIDEOS” in the meantime, if you haven’t already!
There you can read about how it all began, my philosophies and a lot more

In this section, I’ll list the videos I’ve made & what’s coming up.
In the gallery, you’ll find the Videogallery, as soon as my videos are available!

Dalslandspaddelns banner for 2019, all designed by me, except for the small logos inside the stars!

I’ve produced 12+ videos for Dalslandspaddeln – they can be found on Facebook
-If you like kayaking! 😉 Btw, this is probably the best way to experience my area from your device!

I’m currently looking at re-uploading every Dalslandspaddeln video I’ve ever made on a video-hosting site. And here it gets tricky: it’s pretty much decided that these videos will not head for Youtube. The reasons are simple; smaller creators (and I’m talking sub 500k subscribers, which is a real lot of users no matter how you look at it) are treated very badly, repeatedly, while I fear becoming a victim of entities using Youtube-features as weapons for operation-critical sabotage.
This also means that my entire business-plan is being reworked, but I gonna crack it all!