I can’t disclose exactly what my livestreaming-concept will be about just yet and when the first one will take place – but!
The very first stream will be a face-reveal, meet & greet and ”Ask me anything” 😀

I’m really really looking forward to hang out with all of you!
Longtime fans & newcomers alike!

I can’t thank you enough for your patience, I’m working very hard to give you the best possible experience right from the beginning and I’m doing my best to make the wait worthwhile for you and me 🙂

As always: Keep an eye on social media for updates!


In 2018, I aimed to host a livestream sometime during the last half of the year.
However, during the autumn, I was furnishing my home, upgrading my media-studio, building my DJ-studio, pushing hard to learn what I needed to make my first tracks and much more.
Basically, the time was not right, -yet!

In February 2019, I was not planning to do any livestreaming in 2019, or at the very least it was very very unlikely as I had yet to produce my first complete track from start to finish, all on my own.
In an unexpected turn of events, I managed to make my 2 first complete tracks in late March / early April, and so, I was about two months ahead of schedule!
These huge achievements allowed me to turn my attention to next major area of development.

Looking into the future, analyzing trends & opportunities – within 10 days I realized that there were some aspects of livestreaming that held a lot of potential, and so, the preparations started.
In early May after one month of intense development – the preparations has entered the final stage. There are some things left to do, the efforts has been big, while things has gone well to 80%